What’s In That? Gallery Pastry Shop

Among the up to 800 pastries primped to perfection every week at Gallery Pastry Shop, this chocolate-on-chocolate incarnation of the complex French classic layers on the goodness.
The base is a slip of flourless chocolate cake. A stripe of gianduja feuilletine tastes like crispy hazelnut wafer.  Caramel-chocolate mousse forms the pillowy core.  A mirror-like chocolate glaçage coats the cake. A tempered-chocolate swoosh is formed with a chocolate-dipped paintbrush. A drop of melted molding chocolate stamped with a wax press marks this holiday dessert with the Broad Ripple shop’s initials. Chef Ben Hardy blows gold dust on it for an opulent touch. Candied hazelnuts nod to the nutty staple of European confections. Yes, the gold leaf garnish is edible.