What’s In That? Nook: A Paleo Influenced Diner

Nook’s Curry Chicken with Cauliflower Rice: Downtown’s trendy new paleo-inspired “diner” offers elegant dishes that satisfy when you want something that won’t weigh you down for dinner.

Nook chefs source chicken from Kentucky-based Marksbury Farm Foods that is fed with non-GMO grains. They season the breasts with Nook’s own North African–inspired spice blend, then cook them sous vide for an hour until they are perfectly juicy and let them cool for 24 hours, then give them a quick grill before serving. Unsweetened coconut cream gets mixed with Nook’s “angry sauce,” a mélange of turmeric, basil, fresh chilies, and onions. Locally sourced micro cilantro adds a burst of color and an aromatic freshness that takes this dish around the globe, from North Africa to Southeast Asia. The kitchen staff grates heads of cauliflower and sautés the resulting “rice” with shallots, garlic, and olive oil for an earthy, low-carb side that’s as satisfying as the real thing. Antioxidant-rich pomegranate seeds lend a burst of natural sweetness and an earthy crunch to this decidedly hearty but wholesome dish.

Nook: A Paleo Influenced Diner
15 E. Maryland St., 317-759-3554