What’s In That? Sure Shot Coffee

Cold Fashioned: Sure Shot Coffee’s caffeinated take on the classic whiskey cocktail makes waking up almost as fun as happy hour.
Fishers High School art teacher David Rawlins, who moonlights designing coffee drinks at Sure Shot, starts with a dash of black-walnut bitters. An orange peel is swiped around the rim of the Cortado glass. Mixing two sweeteners, simple syrup and agave nectar, balances the bitterness of the espresso without being too cloying. Two full shots of Brickhouse espresso, Sure Shot’s go-to bean for its lattes and popular Undertow coffee shots, add the perfect jolt with smoky, bourbon-like overtones. A kicky pour of ginger cocktail mixer, a common bar blender often used for Moscow Mules, adds depth and bite. Fresh mint, both muddled and as a garnish, adds freshness and a cleansing quality to the drink.

The Sure Shot Coffee bar is inside skate punk–fashion shop Vardagen (8684 E. 116th St., Fishers).