Cubeicle Ice Breaks The Mold

Ice Cubes from Cubeicle stacked, ordering a drink on the rocks is no issue here.A SIMPLE MIXED

drink becomes a chilly masterpiece when it’s poured around good ice—dense, crystalline, and unlike anything from the depths of your kitchen freezer. “In the 1800s, they would harvest ice out of lakes, and it was quite clear,” says Trevor Scovel, founder of bespoke ice maker Cubeicle Ice & Co. The mixology-minded Indiana company uses the same solid-lake physics (in which water freezes gradually from the top down, pushing out impurities), along with industrial Clinebell block ice makers and an arsenal of chainsaws and bandsaws to chisel flawless cubes and rectangles that fit perfectly into short and tall bar glasses. “Clear ice is colder, and it melts slower so that you can control the water content of your drink,” says Scovel, a former electrical engineer–turned-bartender. Cubeicle’s ice has clinked in glasses at The Commodore, Half Liter, and Fort Wayne’s Arbor restaurant, and is available for commercial purchase through the website.

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