11 Coffee Drinks To Fall For This Season

Fall coffee drinks in a white cup with cinnamon stick and rosemary sprig
Commissary’s apple rosemary latte

With the changing of the seasons comes a new flavor palate. We say goodbye to the fruity and tart treats of summer and hello to fall’s deeper and kitchen-spiced profile. Autumnal change usually comes with the introduction of pumpkin spice flavors in everything from Twinkies to Greek yogurt imbued with nutmeg, cinnamon, and other spices common in pumpkin pie. However, chai tea, salted caramel, and butterscotch are showing up in latte cups around Indy as the weather begins to cool. Button up your finest flannel and savor some of these delicious fall beverages.

Bovaconti’s standard menu features a Spanish latte that combines sweet condensed milk with espresso and cinnamon. 1042 Virginia Ave., 317-222-1855

Commissary’s two specialty seasonal drinks are an herbal apple rosemary latte made with housemade syrups, and a decadent honey blossom cortado, a sweet riff on the coffeehouse standard that’s equal parts steamed milk and espresso. 304 E. New York St., 317-730-3121

Espresso drink in a glass, against a brick wall
Commissary’s honey blossom cortado

Coffee drinkers can’t go wrong with Chalet’s spiced demerara, which tastes like an indulgent and sweet cinnamon roll. The ski lodge–themed coffeehouse also makes a soul-warming butterscotch drink with zesty orange and whole unrefined cane sugar. 5555 N. Illinois St., 317-207-2127

Fall coffee drinks in a glass, surrounded by coffee beans
Chalet’s spiced demerara

Chronic Coffee
This cozy downtown spot offers a sweet caramelized vanilla flavor with its toasted marshmallow latte, while its pumpkin spice chai flavor balances spicy and sweet for a unique take on the standard PSL. 42 Virginia Ave., 317-377-4812

While Milktooth does not have a seasonal menu, its espresso-filled brown butter latte has hints of brown butter and sweet caramel. 534 Virginia Ave., 317-986-5131

A latte with foam art in a green cup with matching saucer
Milktooth’s brown butter latte

Foundry Provisions
Foundry Provisions provides customers with different seasonal drinks with names like Pie in the Sky and Campfire Chai. But the standout is the Hey Punkin, which combines classic pumpkin spice with maple syrup for a sweet pairing. 236 E. 16th St., 317-543-7357

Parlor Public House
Parlor Public House has a Headless Horseman specialty drink right now, which includes pumpkin spice, your milk of choice, and Thai tea, slightly more bitter than chai tea. 600 E. Ohio St., 317-610-0106

a cup of coffee with a jack 'o lantern in the foam is the perfect fall coffee drink
The Headless Horseman at Parlor Public House

Mansion Society
The Girl Scout from Mansion Society offers a delectable combination of sharp mint with tasty mocha. The drink is even topped with crumbles of the famous Thin Mint cookie. 202 Steeples Blvd., 317-737-2560

The smoked butterscotch latte at Crema has hints of sweet vanilla and warm caramel, along with a strong hickory-smoked butterscotch flavor that makes this drink an absolute treat on a cold morning. 721 Massachusetts Ave., 317-986-7877

A white cup filled with foamed coffee, with criss-crosses of caramel on top of this fall coffee drink
The smoked butterscotch latte at Crema

Calvin Fletcher Coffee Co.
The Calvin Pepper cappuccino mixes foamed milk with honey and cayenne pepper for a kicked-up variation of a spiced chai latte. 647 Virginia Ave., 317-423-9697

Helm Coffee 
Fall offerings at this LGBTQ+ women­–owned coffee roastery include a maple brown sugar cold brew served in one of its reusable glass jars. 2324 Shelby St.