Hail Mary: Hoosier Momma

Using natural ingredients and a dash of local pride, Hoosier Momma’s Erin Edds spices up the brunching hour.
Erin Edds always was a fan of the Bloody Mary, but she could never find one worth her while. When an event planner asked her to submit an Indy-centric pro-duct for some Super Bowl suite baskets in 2010, Edds, then co-owner of local gourmet packaged-goods company Country Mouse City Mouse, took the opportunity to fill the void. “If I could make a Bloody Mary that I loved,” she says, “I’d guarantee other people would love it, too.”
Edds’s vegan, gluten-free mix is a thick, unusual blend of preservative-free natural ingredients, including Indiana tomatoes. Production began in 2010, and the mix is now available at more than 400 locations in seven states. And recently, Hoosier Momma turned its attention to margaritas, using fresh citrus juices for a classic mix and even a Strawberry Rhubarbarita. “I call them ‘culinary cocktails,’” explains Edds.

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the December 2011 issue.