Kismetic Beer Company Celebrates Its First Round

A beer from Kismtic Brewing Company beer

NICOLE OESCH and her husband, Ryan, launched Kismetic Beer Company in the Twin Aire 201 Studios building last month, combining the words “kismet” (meant to be) and “kinetic” (energy that a body possesses by virtue of being in motion) to form Kismetic. That equation is an accurate description of how Indy’s newest microbrewery came into being. “We felt like once we made the decision to start the brewery, we were actively moving towards our fate,” Nicole says.

The owners foster an inclusive taproom vibe that jibes well with the location, which Kismetic shares with more than 30 resident artists and makers. With pops of Art Deco color and plenty of deep upholstered chairs, the space feels more like an artsy cocktail lounge than a traditional beer hall, especially with a lineup that covers not only lagers and porters, but also inventive brews such as Banana Nut Hefeweizen, Strawberry Rye Caraway Saison, and Watermelon Mint Gose. 201 S. Rural St.