Tweets of the Week: Indy Brewers Get in 'Knife Fight' & More

When Indy brewers collide:

But we like the tack you take, Black Acre:

Reactions to Indianapolis Star editorial cartoonist Gary Varvel’s Thanksgiving-scene depiction were swift and incisive:

Related, and tweeted during Sunday’s Indianapolis Colts game:

The Colts (now 7-4) found an interesting way to play the Jacksonville Jaguars (now 1-10):

Dallas Mavericks owner and IU grad Mark Cuban, everybody:

A little fall of rain …

He has a point:

Brent Terhune, writer for The Bob & Tom Show, provides a couple fantastic visuals:

Now stop trying to make #ThanksMichelleObama happen. It’s not going to happen.

There’s nothing quite like the intersection between athletics and nerdiness:

… And somewhere Dan Quayle gently weeps.