Five Perfect Local Brownies For Valentine’s Day

Photograph by Tony Valainis


Descriptions begin with the center brownie, from Oakleys Bistro, and proceed clockwise. 

Oakleys Bistro 

Texas sheet cake ingredients merge with espresso and chipotle powder, with soft caramel and crunchy toffee chunks on top. 1464 W. 86th St., 317-824-1231,


Chef Matt Steinbronn’s recipe involves high-end couverture chocolate, as well as chopped chocolate wafers. 1101 N. College Ave., 317-493-1979,

The Flying Cupcake 

This hefty beaut adds bits of toffee for a salty, crunchy balance to the rich batter. Sprinkles and chocolate drizzle make it a contender for prettiest pastry. Multiple locations, 

GoldLeaf Savory & Sweet 

Expensive vegan chocolate combines with canola oil and coconut oil, which adds a subtle nuttiness to the traditional brownie flavor. 1901 E. 46th St., 317-600-3542,

Cafe Patachou 

Patachou declares this chewy, chocolaty treat the “best gluten-free brownie in the world.” Multiple locations,