New Foods At The State Fair

New Foods at The State Fair Midway image of ferris wheel and food vendors at twilight
Midway munchies
THE INDIANA STATE FAIR is officially open for the season. Hopefully you have a fresh page in your food diary to fill with all of the summer treats that are new to the 2022 menu. With options that range from deep-fried brownies to a State Fair Mary garnished with fried cheese, your Indiana State Fair diet begins now.
Dense and fudge-y deep-fried brownies have joined the battered-dipped food group, a warm, sugar-on-sugar morsel that you eat like a small apple (don’t bother with the fork). It pairs well with a peach shake-up, a frothy cocktail of sugar water and nectar prepared with the traditional lemon shake-up manual labor.
New Foods at the State Fair include deep-fried brownies
Deep-fried brownies
To hit all of the basic dessert categories, pick up a State Fair Charcuterie Box filled with cotton candy, popcorn, caramel corn, and funnel cake. And for something a little less by-the-book, the Boba Fun Cup has a vanilla ice cream base that gets layered, halo-halo style, with gummy bears, boba, and sliced strawberries.
New Foods at the State Fair include a variety box
The State Fair Charcuterie Box

More grown-up quaffs come in the form of a State Fair Mary garnished with olives and fried cheese, Sun King’s Caramel Corn Beer by the can, and Hi & Mighty’s Lemon ShakeUp canned cocktail.

As for savory dishes, the Pit-Tatoes top roasted baby potatoes with tender pulled pork, and there’s a Flamin’ Hot Cheetos walking taco that will likely sell like wildfire. Don’t leave without sampling a slice of pickle pizza or a bison meat lettuce wrap. For the drive home, grab the Dairy Bar’s newest milkshake flavor, Mint Cookie, which does the Girl Scouts proud.
New Foods at the State Fair include a thin mint shake
Mint Cookie milkshake