Pot Roast: What’s In That?

The Flatiron’s Pot Roast

Tony Valainis

The Flatiron at The Old Elbow Room chef Glenn Brown warms up to the meat-and-potato crowd with this elegant pan-seared pot roast that satisfies comfort-food cravings. The whole thing is built around a tender chuck roast that is braised, pan-seared, and simmered in beef stock for three to four hours. Collard greens, green beans, and carrots added during the last hour of cooking soak up the meaty flavor. The plate is sauced with the concentrated beef stock from the roast pan. The tomatoes are oven-roasted to enhance their flavor. Peruvian purple potatoes and Yukon Golds provide the starch. Shoestring potatoes and fried shallots top the dish.