Swoon List: Bombay Masala, J’s Lobster Truck, And More

The Classic Lobster Roll from J’s Lobster Truck

Joseph Ball

Five #IMSwoon things we’re craving for carryout right now.

Using only the claws and knuckle meat of fresh Maine lobsters, the classic lobster roll from J’s Lobster Truck (855-562-7655) sits atop a toasted bun with a swipe of mayonnaise, shredded lettuce, warm butter, and a sprinkling of Old Bay Seasoning.

Smoked pulled pork and oaxaca cheese fill the “piggie smalls” omelet at The Garden Table (342 Massachusetts Ave.; 908 E. Westfield Blvd., 317-737-2531). Sliced avocado, a side of roasted potatoes, and a ramekin of the house’s signature cliantro-y skhug sauce round out the plate.

Tender chunks of marinated chicken served in a satisfying spicy sauce over rice make up the chicken masala from westside restaurant Bombay Masala (9120 Crawfordsville Rd., Clermont, 317-875-1570).

Half a pound of smoked prime brisket from Old Gold Barbecue (140 S. College Ave., 317-764-3443) is served with pickles, crisp white onion, white bread, barbecue sauce, and in this case, green chile mac and cheese.

While visiting Old Gold, pick up a 4-pack of Metazoa Brewing Company’s (140 S. College Ave., 317-522-0251) Hoppopotamus, the golden American IPA with a citrus and fruit-forward nose that goes down dangerously smooth on these hot summer days.

We want to see your #IMSwoon finds. If you’re around town and see something tasty, post it to Instagram and tag us @IndyMonthly.