Taste Test: Canned Spirits

Forget the fancy glassware and artisanal ice cubes. The sipping’s easy when you crack open one of these no-fuss adult beverages.

Candi Crushable
Northern Indiana’s 18th Street Brewery cans this light-bodied, citrus-tinged pale ale sweetened with lactose sugar. The packaging is as vibrant as the flavor, which some tasters liken to bubble gum.

Sunset Tart Cherry
The crisp, classic cider at Ash & Elm Cider Co. is crafted with fresh apple juice from family orchards in Indiana and Michigan. 2104 E. Washington St., 317-600-3164

Lavender Lemon Mead Spritzer
Don’t let the dainty name fool you. This heady find from New Day Craft is energized with ginger and hibiscus flowers. 1102 Prospect St., 888-632-3379

Vodka Soda
Cardinal Spirits’s classic version of sparkling water’s older, cooler sibling combines the Bloomington distillery’s smooth vodka with bubbly soda and contains 95 calories.