The Cabin Kitchen Taps In

Several plates of food on a table
The Cabin Kitchen

Photo by Tony Valainis

Three people seated in a dining room
The Cabin Kitchen

COMMANDING a small corner space in the sleek racing-themed Guggman Haus taproom near Speedway, The Cabin Kitchen got the green flag in August with executive chef Arin Motter behind the wheel. “Arin enjoys putting his own twist on classic dishes and incorporating beer into recipes,” says co-owner Courtney Guggenberger. That includes the Haus Schnitzel brined in wheat-based Guggenweizen and a crunchy bar mix laced with Winner’s Milk Jug Stout. Shareables range from soft pretzels with beer cheese to a rotating hummus of the week served alongside sliced veggies and warm pita bread. Dinner options expand to feature a local Claus’ sausage on a pretzel bun with beer mustard and sauerkraut; a hearty Guggenburger topped with bacon, grilled onions, arugula, and sweet peppers; and a decadent Among the Figs flatbread garnished with prosciutto, creme fraiche, and goat cheese. 1701 Gent Ave., 317-602-6131,