The Feed: Bier Brewery, Snug, and More

This week’s roundup of Indy’s hottest dining news.
Rendering courtesy of Bier Brewery

YES, CHEF Bier Brewery is seeking a kitchen manager for its soon-to-open Noblesville location. Find applications via its website.

COOL, CREEPY CUPPA ICYMI, Fountain Square is the home of a new horror-themed coffee shop, Black House Cafe (1122 Shelby St.). The menu includes lattes, smoothies, and teas inspired by horror movies, like the Never Sleep Again, an horchata with a double shot of espresso. The coffee shop also houses an Airbnb of the same ilk, which includes a Beetlejuice-themed kitchen.

CAMPY VIBES Gather 22 (22 E. 22nd St.) is keeping the holiday spirit(s) flowing for a little while longer with its Holiday Bus Bar. Make a reservation before the end of January, when the boozy bus will check out of its holiday campsite.

CLEAN CUPS Happy Hour has a whole new taste, and you can grab a sip yourself at Botanical Bar (1103 N. College Ave.) with the launch of its new partnership with Monday Non-Alcoholic Whiskey. Cheers to the new year with this barrel-aged whiskey, but not the alcohol.

SNUGGLED IN Irvington can now celebrate the opening of Snug (210 S. Audubon Rd.), an Irish pub located just north of Irving Circle Park. Serving whiskeys, local beers, and ciders, plus an array of nonalcoholic sips, Snug opens its doors today.

MONTHLY PERKS 2024 marks the fifth year of the Indy Coffee Box, a monthly subscription that allows coffee-lovers to try out more than 16 local coffee roaster’s products.