The Indy Baker Elevating CBD Snacks

Elevate Bakery & Barkery's Rebecca Raffle
Elevate Bakery & Barkery's Rebecca Raffle with her wares.

Photo by Tony Valainis

There’s mounting evidence that cannabidiol (CBD), an ingredient derived from cannabis, might help with everything from chronic pain to anxiety and depression. Problem: It can taste terrible. Enter Rebecca Raffle, a biotech specialist, avid home baker, and founder of Elevate Bakery & Barkery in Irvington and Fountain Square, some of the first CBD bakeries in the country.

Raffle spent a year and a half working with local chemists to develop a proprietary blend of tasteless CBD powder that can be incorporated into any recipe. At Elevate, which is both scientific lab and old-school bakery, her team makes CBD chocolate, cookies, gummy bears, brownies, cookie dough, and pet treats, all using the tasteless CBD made with single-origin hemp from her own farm.

Raffle became a believer seven years ago when she was diagnosed with lymphoma, and CBD was the only thing that helped control the side effects of chemo. “I had chronic pain and nausea until I started taking CBD cannabis in edibles and oils,” says Raffle. When she moved to Indiana two years ago with her family, she saw a hole in the market.

“I didn’t understand where people were getting their plant-based meds.” Elevate products are also available for home delivery via Raffle’s third business, Grow Cart Delivery, where her employees are moms and grandmas who serve as a modern combination of delivery driver and cannabis concierge. “I’m on a mission to make cannabis delivery as easy as pizza delivery.”