Turchetti’s Triple P Does Not Disappoint

Named the unanimous winner of the first round and a “porkestra” by the judges on Food Network’s Guy’s Grocery Games, this piled-high homage to the classic Hoosier sandwich at Turchetti’s Salumeria will be tops on your tenderloin list, too. Our rundown of what it’s made from:

  • The soft, sesame-seed bun from Leviathan Bakehouse is just sturdy enough to stand up to the complex architecture of owner George Turkette’s towering sandwich.

  • Brown sugar and molasses lend strips of Turchetti’s famous bacon a perfectly caramelized chew.


  • Deeply smoked house bacon is cooked with tomato paste and chipotle barbecue sauce, to make an addicting spicy-sweet bacon jam. 
  •  Not one but two slabs of well-marbled heirloom Berkshire pork get a simple breading of AP flour. 

  • More briny than spicy, pickled jalapeños bring a welcome acidic bite. 

  •  Melted pepperjack cheese mortars the tenderloins while adding a note of heat. 

  •  A thick slathering of Duke’s, Turkette’s go-to mayo, brings the flavors together. 

Turchetti’s Salumeria 1106 Prospect St., 317-426-3048, turchettis.com