Indiana’s state motto is “the Crossroads of America,” but after reading these pages, you’ll realize that we’re a crossroads of the world. That’s especially true in Indianapolis, where our urban density and thriving job market have encouraged families from across the globe to settle within the 317 and 463 area codes. According to the most recent census data, the city has seen rapid growth in folks hailing from South and Central America, the Arab world, South and East Asia, and African nations. We’re also home to multitudes of people whose ancestors came to the heartland decades ago and who work to keep their forebears’ traditions alive.

While the chefs and restaurant owners you’ll read about here are wildly diverse, there’s one thing they all have in common: a desire to express their personal story, family history, or culture through food. Sure, they’ll also serve you a great meal—and some days, that’s all you need. But there’s a deeper and richer experience available, too. Far more barriers are dismantled by great meals than by brute force, and food, with its ability to bring people together, can be our most powerful tool to learn about and understand each other’s passions, values, and ways of life.

Try the Iyan Combo, Sisters Banchan, German Sampler, and Taste of Abyssinia Platter for a delicious dining overview.
Try to eat just one of Salamat's blondies, Paradise Mx's Dorilocos, Chapati Beta's pakoras, or the Martabak Manis at Wisanggeni Pawon.