Black Market

A Mass Ave innovator when it opened in 2011 and noted for its agrarian-chic decor, abundance of tasty offal, and strict no-reservations policy, Ed Rudisell and Micah Frank’s collaboration has more than kept pace with newcomers. This is mainly due to its frequently changing menu, occasional themes (don’t miss Barbecue Month in August), and special events such as a luau with an entire suckling pig. But chef Frank’s creative balancing of local produce (sweet corn and blueberries in the summer, for instance) and light treatment of proteins (an always-juicy pork chop and the cornmeal-dusted lake fish) are what make dining here on a regular night so special—not to mention the whimsical rum and rye cocktails and one of the most easygoing, knowledgeable staffs in town.

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