Eat + Drink

Located in a tight slot next door to its sibling Taste Cafe and Marketplace, this fresh, young hangout from SoBro pioneers Marc Urwand and Deidra Henry repurposes an actual shipping container as part of its industrial-chic decor. The two-level cocktail lounge completes the look with a glassed-in vestibule that opens onto a seating area of deep chairs and clear-block tables containing old spray-paint cans, the universal urban motif. Downstairs, the mood is darker and more mature, with wood accents, a crackling fireplace, and low mood lighting that goes well with the list of classic craft cocktails. The menu is brief and casual, favoring items that don’t require a knife or fork. A wrap containing all of the banh mi components, for example, is offered alongside a fried-green-tomato sandwich spread with pimiento cheese and a single deviled egg topped with a tumble of fat, pink salmon roe. 

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