The Garden Table

Inside The Garden Table, a white-on-wood Broad Ripple bistro and juice bar, clean-living urbanites enthusiastically devour their veggies in unusual cold-pressed drinks and creative breakfast and lunch fare. Sensibly portioned dishes from chef Ian Rossman, formerly of Tulip Noir, include sweet and savory entree-sized toasts with toppings (the most indulgent version stacks bananas, housemade apple butter, maple syrup, and almond butter—gluten-free bread is available), an egg burrito with housemade chorizo, and salads so bright and colorful that they really do deserve to be photographed. While greens dominate, the BLT Smash, drizzled with Sriracha aioli, has become a favorite. A flight of juices comes in miniature milk jugs, and despite its black color, the stringent and citrusy Detox Dream—featuring activated charcoal, a toxin-zapper—is the one you’ll order again.

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