Love Handle

After serving funky deli creations like salmon belly, beef tongue, and dolled-up “B & Gs” to the locals on East 10th Street for two years, Chris and Ally Benedyk moved their cheeky sandwich shop to Mass Ave in early 2018, where it could be the true hipster haunt it always aimed to be. Daily lunch and brunch features such as schnitzel and waffles or a pulled-chicken Hot Brown continue to be the draw, but the expanded menu now offers more side options in the form of braised greens and potato salad with roasted tomatoes, as well as the signature popcorn tossesd in nutritional yeast and schmaltz. Weekend evening hours mean Milwaukee-style fish fries (complete with screenings of Jaws) on Friday, and rotisserie chicken on Saturdays. And Ally Benedyk’s earthy brownie sundaes and decadent cheesecake continue to be some of the most comforting sweets in the city. Brunch Sun., breakfast and lunch Tues.–Thurs., breakfast, lunch, and dinner Fri.–Sat. 877 Massachusetts Ave., 317-384-1102 $$

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