Maxine’s Chicken & Waffles

If fried potatoes, salmon croquettes, and cooked cabbage were staples on your family’s dinner table growing up, you will feel right at home in this downtown dining room. The staff is as sweet as candied yams, and the kitchen has Southern classics down to a piping-hot science. The worst part is choosing just one thing to order, whether that be the restaurant’s namesake dish—three jumbo wings atop a thick and crisp waffle with a scoop of peach butter—a heaping plate of battered catfish, or the biggest, juiciest chicken-breast sandwich in town. Then it’s on to the sides: fat-noodled mac ‘n’ cheese, fried corn, black-eyed peas, or collard greens flavored with smoked turkey (pork is not used in the restaurant, and the fried foods are cooked in vegetable oil). Just remember, though: You’re not here for the baked chicken. And if you don’t save room for a slice of seasonal cobbler, get one to go.

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