Restaurateur Ed Rudisell’s original list of funky banh mi (Thai sour sausage and peanut-curry beef among them) garnered a host of hip lunchtime devotees at Rook, his Fletcher Place sandwich shop, decked out to look like a deserted Saigon alley. Then chef and co-owner Carlos Salazar (formerly of Oakleys Bistro) brought Rudisell’s vision of spiffed-up Asian street food to fruition with his umami-rich dumplings and dinner menu of steamed buns and noodle bowls. The cheeky “pig face hash” satisfies the carnivore with pork cracklings and rice topped with fried egg, but plenty of lighter options, such as mushroom-miso ramen and beet home fries, round out the offerings, which now include Asian beers and American craft IPAs. Don’t miss the sweet turon, a fried Filipino snack filled with plantain and tangy jackfruit.

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