Shoefly Public House

Owner Craig Mariutto’s quest to open a family-friendly restaurant in his own Herron-Morton/Fall Creek stomping grounds came to fruition in this ever-packed neighborhood pub decked out in exposed brick and repurposed timber. That dark and knotty wood wall behind the centerpiece bar is no hipster affectation, though; it’s the original hardwood salvaged from the 100-plus-year-old building. The menu is just as genuine, listing a seasonal rotation of fancy tavern food—like yucca planks flecked with Japanese nori in place of the standard fries; a Cuban pork “sandwich” served inside cheddar waffles; and pretzel flatbreads that make for great starters, in unexpected combinations such as shredded pork, capocolla, mozzarella, pickle, and grainy mustard. The beer list is more adventurous than deep, and Mariutto, a native of upstate New York, pours not only a housemade ginger beer but also an old-school fizzy-foamy egg cream made with chocolate syrup, milk, and soda water.

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