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After a conversion to a bona fide supper club in the fall of 2016 under the guidance of Turf Catering in Castleton, Broad Ripple’s onetime watering hole The Usual Suspects hired former LongBranch toque Adam Ditter in the summer of 2017 to up its culinary game even further. Live music and a makeover with sleek subway tile and modern lighting also dressed the place up for a celebration dinner out. Ditter’s expanded menu keeps a few favorites from the old one, albeit with new twists such as a crunchy, oat-crusted fried chicken with peach butter and a well-dressed ribeye. Salads and rustic veggie small plates are also good bets, such as a recent ham-and-peach salad with Turchetti’s Salumeria ham, and zucchini with a charred lemon yogurt. Be sure to try one of bar manager Steve Simon’s exactingly original cocktails, including milk punch made from a painstaking, several-days process. It’s a special treat in winter—or any time of year.

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