The Hoosierist: The Days Of Miracle (Whip) And Wonder (Bread)

Illustration by Ryan Johnson

It’s the 100th anniversary of Wonder Bread, which was developed in Indianapolis. Any local celebrations planned?

This gummy, whitest-of-white breads has long been the go-to sheathing for such staples as PB&Js and BLTs. Yet it looks like the centennial of its Indy creation will pass largely unnoticed. Wonder Bread debuted in 1921 when the local Taggart Baking Company started offering pre-sliced loaves swathed in colorful packages. These days, it’s produced by Flowers Foods, a Georgia conglomerate that churns out half of the middlebrow products in the grocery store bread aisle, including Tastykake and Sunbeam. The product’s most enduring Indy connection is the balloons on the bag, which were inspired by a 1909 balloon race at the new Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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