Beech Grove’s Main Street Attractions

A man at a shoe and repair shop in Beech Grove
Sammy Terry and The Terminator mural at Scarlet Grove Public House & Pizza Pub in Beech Grove
Scarlet Grove Public House & Pizza Pub is beloved as much for its quirky vibe as its pies and brews.

QUAFF One of four of brewer Eilise Lane’s edgy-yet-approachable taprooms, Scarlet Grove Public House & Pizza Pub provides local hopheads a cozy spot for sampling the brewery’s portfolio of stouts, IPAs, and more whimsical pours, such as their Sammy Terry kölsch. A partnership with Beech Grove Pizza Company next door means a perfect pairing of suds and slices. 704 Main St., 317-982-7579,

NOSH The colorful, gothic-themed murals and fluffy-yet-chewy crust at Beech Grove Pizza Company set it apart from nearby pie chains. Make sure you add some parmesan-showered breadsticks to your order, and come hungry for the Ron Swanson with double bacon, pepperoni, ham, and salami. 702 Main St., 317-222-4169,

RECHARGE The former Merchants Bank branch at the corner of Main and Seventh streets is an apt spot for longtime resident Samantha Stratton’s Silver Linings Coffeehouse, which opened this past fall. The historic site offers plenty of plush seats for sitting and sipping while encountering a piece of Beech Grove’s past. 700 Main St.,

INDULGE It’s worth a stop at Gwendolyn Lee Cakery’s window just to marvel at the many-tiered confections, such as the Stephenie Jo with a Technicolor cascade of flowers on a chocolate backdrop. But step inside for more manageable sweets, such as a cinnamon roll or an almond-raspberry cupcake. 624 Main St., 317-760-5833,

Rustic Root tea set in Beech Grove
Any time is tea time at the charming Rustic Root tea room.

STEEP Tammy Hanna and Jenny Wensel realized their dream of owning a retail tea shop in 2015, when they opened Rustic Root. But it wasn’t until 2017 that they added a darling tea room to the store, with a full selection of teas and a menu of tasty lunch treats that are so in demand, reservations are recommended throughout the week. 626 Main St., 317-591-9497,

RUMMAGE You may notice a quirky, gothic pop art theme at this sprawling Beech Grove vintage shop. But that’s because shop owner and artist Yasha Persson, the “Y” in Y Shop Vintage and More, sprinkles her own off-beat collage pieces throughout the store, making this a unique destination for antiques. 609 Main St., 317-652-0255,

TUNE UP You can get a Les Paul Standard Plus guitar or a rare King Liberty trumpet from the cases at this old-school music shop. But Main Street Music is also the place for a budding Jimi Hendrix or John Bonham to start those lessons that will put them on the path toward a record contract. 528 Main St., 317-788-4598,

ROCK ON Few thrift shops have a collection as curated as the one at psychedelic secondhand store Skull 518 Vintage. Records, concert posters, T-shirts, and, of course, decorative skulls are just a few of the treasures that await. 518 Main St., 317-628-5058,

A man at a shoe and repair shop in Beech Grove
When your soles lose their spring, you’ll be greeted warmly at neighborhood institution Eckstein Shoes and Repairs.

LACE UP This family-owned shoe- and leather-repair shop that has been open nearly a century may remind you of the shoe stores of your childhood. But Eckstein Shoes and Repairs keeps in step with contemporary American-made brands, and is the go-to spot for heel replacements, as well as purse and luggage repair. 620 Main St., 317-786-7086,

FILL UP The motto at Mom’s Family Restaurant is “We’ll make your day brighter,” but it could be “We’ll make your stomach fuller,” what with all the hearty breakfast skillets, waffles, crepes, and omelets at this homestyle pleaser. You can also get dinner served with a smile: Meatloaf, smothered pork chops, and prime rib are favorites. 510 Main St., 317-389-5789

CREATE Get dirty sculpting mugs, bowls, and abstract clay pieces at two-hour classes or eight-week courses at artist Nathan Winship Smith’s Beech Grove Clay Works. Or just shop the showroom, and stop in for First Friday exhibits of student work. 339 Main St., 317-373-4616,

CHILL The canoe over the door at Beech Bank Brewing Company was inspired by a poem by local women’s rights activist Sara T. Bolton. But the beer is entirely the creation of this laidback brewery. Stars include a unique chocolate-mint porter, the German-inspired Kanu Bier, and the Roch Bock, an easy-drinking lager. 301 Main St., 317-552-2791,

ILLUMINATE Whether you’re looking for a gemstone or want to browse the sage bar for incense cones, Brittany Spencer’s tidy The Local Radish is one of the most well-stocked New Age shops in the city. Spencer also sells her handmade electroformed necklaces and earrings. 612 Main St., 317-554-7888,

The Local Radish display
The eclectic mix of New Age wares at The Local Radish attracts browsers and buyers of all ages.