Brandon Burdine Launches Goldie

Brandon Burdine, owner of Brick & Mortar, is launching a new line of hair care products.

This month, Brick & Mortar owner Brandon Burdine will launch his first product line, Goldie, a plant-based collection for short hairstyles.

What are the short-hair trends right now?

People are starting to comb their hair backward and have a little length on the sides that’s tucked behind the ears. It’s less 1950s Mad Men and a lot more loose and free.

What are the benefits of plant-based products?

Most chemicals in products tend to be cancer-causing and they make hair dry and brittle. Once we switched products, our clients started to have less dandruff, healthier-looking and -feeling hair, and are happier with their hair.

Which product in the Goldie line came easiest to you?

The mellow matte. It has a pretty light-to-medium hold if you don’t use a lot, but it’s buildable, which was important to me because some products, you use just a little dab and your hair will be stuck like glue for the rest of the day.

What advice do you have for people with shorter hair?

Find a good barber because that person will help you find that hairstyle and maintain it. The product is just the finishing touch.