Best Indy Spas: Sweet Indulgence

Chocolate-Peppermint Manicure, $40, at Tyler Mason

The Premise: This extra-long manicure involves warming mitts and minty aromatherapy. The customer fave appears on the menu through February.

The Process: The nail tech set out three bowls of products that made me think we were going to bake a cake. First, she rubbed all the way up to my elbows with a light-brown sugar scrub. After she rinsed off the scrub, on went a chocolate masque that resembled brownie batter. (I would’ve been tempted to lick it if my arms hadn’t been swaddled in warm towels.) She removed the masque and applied tingly peppermint lotion followed by a layered cocoon of plastic bags containing melted soy-based paraffin alternative, terrycloth mitts over the bags, and finally heated mitts. All this before the actual manicure!

The Vibe: The longstanding full-service salon and spa is always buzzing at the front but feels calm in the back hallways, where spa treatments take place. Despite trafficking in a few cliches like bubbling fountains, it offers the amenities of a destination spa without any pretension.

The Result: Baby-soft limbs and a mani that should last two weeks (if you use gel polish).

Before You Go: Make sure you’re wearing sleeves you can push up past your elbows.

Wish We’d Known: The manicure takes an hour and a half, though it’s well worth the time and the money.

Bonus Tip: Tyler Mason has a strict no-tipping policy. In exchange, the shop asks for good word of mouth. So expect sales pitches.

Try This If: You have dry hands and cuticles or sore hands.

9004 W. 10th St., 317-271-3330,