Best of Indy: Mail-Order Business

12Fold runs a monthly pocket-square subscription service. So, after getting the stylish accessory in the mail, how to fold it? Let this video demonstration be your guide.
12Fold founders (left to right): Phil Daniels, Marcus Hall, and Nate Bullock. Indianapolis Monthly, December 2013.

The three snazzy Hoosiers behind 12Fold were featured on this year with their mail-order venture targeting an oft-overlooked menswear accessory. Join for $30 to $40 per month at, and seasonally appropriate, finely detailed silk pocket squares will appear on your doorstep. But then what? We asked co-founder Marcus Hall for help:

Flat Fold
A clean, no-tie-required look.
Instructions: Fold the fabric in half lengthwise; then fold it in half again from the bottom up. Tuck it in your pocket so a small strip—like the solid-colored edging on every 12Fold square—is visible.

Classic Triangle Fold
Best suited to cotton fabrics and formal occasions, and easy to achieve.
Instructions: Lay out your square in a diamond shape, fold up the bottom to form a triangle, and then fold each bottom point inward.

Double-Point Fold
Works with almost all fabrics.
Instructions: Follow the Classic Triangle steps, but fold the bottom upward at a slight angle so you have two points instead of one.

Origami Fold
Takes a little practice.
Instructions: Make the Double-Point Fold, then fold the left half of the triangle inward to create three points. Fold the right half tightly inward, turn until the three points are upright, and tuck. Use a square with a contrasting edge color for added pop. Aficionados only.

Puff Fold
A solid all-occasions option that doesn’t require perfection.
Instructions: Pick up the fabric by pinching it in the center. Slide your other hand down the material, flip it upside-down, and then tuck it into the pocket of a suit jacket or sport coat.


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Photo courtesy 12Fold

This article appeared in the December issue.