Blowout Dos and Don'ts

With the arrival of the city’s first real blowout bar, here are some tips for making a look last.

The area’s first dedicated blowout bar, Do-Tique, opens today in Carmel, offering blow-and-go styling in a chic space decked out in deep-blue walls, crystal chandeliers, and white-lacquer counters. Finally, local women will know the joy of a convenient, professional blowout that should last several days. To get the most bang for your 35 bucks ($25 if you come with clean, dry hair), preserve the volume or curls by following these tips:

DO use a shower cap. Heat from hot water will flatten locks, even if they don’t get wet. Do-Tique sells cute caps (with a bejeweled bow!) for $25.

DON’T touch your locks much! It’s hard to resist touching your hair once it looks so good, but try. Your hands are greasy, and grease weighs hair down. Touching also stimulates the scalp to produce oil.

DO sleep in a silk scarf. Some websites suggest wrapping your hair loosely in a silk scarf before bedtime.

DON’T use extra product. Product also weighs hair down. After a day or two, use only a dry shampoo or restyling spray on your roots. We’ve tried many of the products on the market and have settled on Umberto Dry Clean Dry Shampoo, available at Target. Oscar Blandi’s, sold at Sephora, is another residue-free choice.

DO squeeze an extra day with an updo. After a few days, your unwashed hair will be the perfect texture for semi-messy bun or twist. Birchbox’s tutorial makes the “sassy ballerina” look seem pretty easy to accomplish.

Where to find it: Do-tique, Sophia Square, 110 W. Main St., Carmel, 317-569-5000,