Golden Globes Looks for Less

You decide—how close are the JC Penney versions to the originals?

The best-and-worst proclamations on Sunday night’s gowns are already rolling in. However, we come not to judge, but to contemplate the couture versions versus the much lower-rent lookalikes pulled together by JC Penney.

The jewelry works best, we think—the necklace, a nice nod to Naomi Watts’s golden-girl look, would also look smashing with a white shirt and jeans. And the cheap-o turquoise drop earrings are even cuter than the originals, by Hollywood favorite Jennifer Meyer. Some of the dresses capture the spirit of the originals quite nicely—I seriously covet that cap-sleeve black-sequin gown—even if nobody’s going to mistake that black-and-white frock for the original on J-Law.

Tell us in the comments—which styles mimic the original nicely, and which miss the boat?