My Look: Adjei Nortey's Striped Socks

Adjei Nortey works in research and design for Simon Youth Foundation, which helps at-risk students through its academies and scholarships. He schooled us on some style principles.
Do you have a thing for patterned socks?
I have a thing for designer socks. When I was young, I never liked the five-pack white/black socks my parents bought me. It was just too plain. Socks are to feet what a tie is to the neck.
Where did you get these?
Stance.com. I buy the majority of my socks online.
Any holiday socks?
No. But I have plenty of socks with monkeys.
Do you consider your style daring?
I don’t know what you’d call my style. I toe the line between dressing too young for my age and being the best-dressed guy in the room. I don’t flaunt my taste. I keep logos and embellishments to a minimum.
You’re not afraid of color, are you?
I was born in Ghana, and Africans love the use of color. It shows in our food, art, and clothing. Also, I’m a beach kid, and you find warm colors on the beach.
Anything else Ghanaian about your look?
Maybe my love for accessories, especially bracelets.
What else is in your closet?
I have a closet just for blazers, particularly Japanese ones. I’m very organized.

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