My Look: Edgy Heels

Runway producer Denisha Ferguson is known in the city’s growing fashion circle for innovation and crisp personal style, reflected in both her line, Dlang Fashion, and UnZip Magazine, the online and print publication she edits.

IM: Where did you find those wild shoes?
Rock Star Boutique on Keystone. I borrowed them for a photo shoot a while ago, and I loved them so much, my husband surprised me and bought them.

IM: How do you walk in them?
Stay away from gravel! That’s not fun. I always put another pair of shoes in the car, just in case. And I won’t wear shoes in public before I practice in them. I’ll cook in them, walk around the house, whatever.

IM: Where do you like to shop?
In my grandmother’s closet. She always has fun accessories.

IM: And she lets you borrow her clothes?
Sometimes. Or she’ll say, One day, you can have this. She’s given me some faux furs. She kept the real ones, but that’s okay.

IM: Sounds like your grandmother has it going on.
She does. She reminds me of Coco Chanel. That’s her personality. She’s actually my husband’s grandmother.

IM: What’s your next project?
The sixth annual UnZip the Runway competition, sometime this year. We had to push it back because I found out I’m having a baby.



Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the May 2013 issue.