My Look: Elisa Gudsteinsdottir's Infinity Scarf

A local designer pulls ideas from her Icelandic roots.

Accessories designer Elisa Gudsteinsdottir ought to know a thing or two about keeping warm. The Lafayette resident behind Mint Lilly jewelry and scarves grew up in Iceland and hopes to expand her line there this year.

Where did you find this modern scarf?
I made it. I sew all of the scarves I sell.

You sell them around here?
Yes, on Etsy, at Hot House Market in Lafayette, and at Indie Arts & Vintage Marketplace. People like them because they’re soft. They’re jersey. Some people don’t like wool against their skin.

Would this scarf keep you warm in Iceland?
I would say so. You don’t have to play around with an infinity scarf. It doesn’t come untied. It’s funny—people here always think I don’t get cold because I’m from Iceland. I’m human, too!

What are people there wearing these days?
Because it’s such a small country, if something becomes a trend, it becomes a trend for everyone. I always find it interesting to go back home and take notice of something that has caught on since I’ve been away. On one recent trip, all the kids were wearing Timberland shoes for some reason.

What does “Mint Lilly” mean?
Lilly is just a name that I’ve always found very beautiful. Before Mint Lilly, I was selling vintage clothing online. I used a French name, and people had such a hard time remembering it or saying it.

This article appeared in the February 2014 issue.