My Look: Jonathan Frey's Vintage Jacket

Thanks to his dashing moustache and penchant for suits, photographer and filmmaker Jonathan Frey seems to have cycled out of a European street scene.
Why suits all the time?
Because I work a lot, and I don’t change clothes. People ask, “Do you sleep in suits?” I don’t. I’m just a normal human being.
When did you start wearing them?
I used to photograph weddings and would have to dress up. Indianapolis is isolated from everything else, and that’s totally cool, but as a result we have a very comfortable culture. I found it frustrating that no one would put time or effort into presentation. So that really encouraged me to be a little more mindful.
Where do you shop?
J. Crew has good sales, and the build quality is good. T.J. Maxx. If I need a blazer, I’ll browse Value World.
What do you shop for?
Solid colors. Things that don’t make me stand out too much. Suits aren’t necessarily cheap, so I try to find things that are versatile.
Tell me about this jacket.
I really can’t remember where I bought it. It’s a National Shirt Shop jacket, from the late 1960s or early 1970s. So obviously I thrifted it. It’s lightweight, and it goes with a lot of different outfits. I wear it a lot with dark pants. Everyone says I look like I’m about to go on safari.
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