My Look: Polina Osherov's Cat Ears

Signature kitty headbands elevate her style above the rest.
Polina Osherov wears many hats—photographer, editor of Pattern magazine, social entrepreneur, wife, and mother—but it’s her signature kitty headbands that elevate her style above the rest.
So, the cat ears. Explain.
I bought a pair on a lark before going to Paris last spring. Then I got used to them, and they stuck around. I don’t take a lot of risks with my personal style, and it was just something fun. The irony is that I don’t like cats. I’m allergic to them.
How many pairs do you own?
Six, from Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Etsy, and online retailers.
Which ones do you wear the most?
The lace ones.
Describe your style.
[Interior designer] Nikki Sutton says, “Imagine Vivienne Westwood did a guest line for Forever 21 in 1986.”
What are your favorite items in your closet right now?
My H&M skinnies, T-shirts from local brand VCTY, my Adidas “Amberlight” wedge  sneakers, and either a Silence + Noise cardigan from Urban Outfitters or one of
my leather jackets.
Which fall trend are you excited about?
There’s really nothing. It’s all the same stuff, right? I love that leather is still so big. Right now, I’m all about street wear, and I see a lot of that.
This article appeared in the July 2014 issue.