My Look: Sean Buckner's Tartan Jacket

The Saks employee talks fashion and explains what he does as a shoe ambassador.

Working as both a men’s-shoe brand ambassador for Saks and a personal stylist requires fashion blogger Sean Buckner to dress the part of trendsetter. It comes naturally.  

Nice sport coat!
I got it from Topman.

A U.K. retailer. Luxury design for inexpensive prices.

Sounds fancy.
I love Goodwill and Salvation Army, too.

When did you get into fashion?
Around 7th grade. It evolved from urban wear. Everything was oversized, from tall T-shirts to custom-painted, initialed pieces. Atrocious reflecting. I transitioned into tailored clothes.

What’s a brand ambassador?
We report on what’s doing well in our particular market and what’s not. Being hip to the latest trends helps [with knowing] what we need more or less of in our store.

Any cool perks?
We meet annually in New York for our shoe summit to see the latest products.

What’s your favorite style right now?
Well-burnished wingtip oxfords and monkstrap shoes.

This article appeared in the March 2014 issue.