My Look: Slater Hogan's Indy T-shirt

DJ Slater Hogan scouts for cool style at Salvation Army stores and Broad Ripple Vintage. His eye translates pretty well to new stuff, too.

IM: Where did you find this local tee?

Hogan: Homespun in Irvington. They have a bunch of great T-shirts. I like to rep where I’m from when I DJ out of state.

IM: Is this your uniform for the DJ booth?

Hogan: Friday night at Bartini’s, it’s jeans and a T-shirt. Saturday nights at RA [a Broad Ripple club] are much dressier.

IM: What else is in your closet?

Hogan: Fedoras. I have five or six, including one from the Penguin store in Chicago. And an orange Dior sweater from the Glendale Goodwill for about $10.


IM: Do you get a lot of compliments on it?

Hogan: People seem to like it, but I usually get “Mr. Rogers” from my friends.

IM: Who’s your style icon?

Hogan: James Bond, from both the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig years.

IM: What’s the worst thing to wear to a club?

Hogan: I see a lot of bachelorettes wearing penis hats and guys rocking tucked-in T-shirts with a belt. I would consider those what not to wear.


IM: Where do you go for a night out?

Hogan: We have a 1-year-old son, so we don’t get out much. When we do, it’s cocktails at Plat 99 or a shot at the Brass Ring.

Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the August 2013 issue.