My Look: Wandini Riggins

Owner of Profyle Concierge is an attorney by day but a fashionista ’round the clock.

What’s your daily  uniform?

A dress. People think it’s because I live to dress up, but the truth is, life is crazy, and a dress means one less article of clothing that I have to think about.

You’re also an attorney. Do you get to have fun with fashion on the job?

It’s a misconception that we’re super straight-laced. I work with some really hard-core fashionistas. They shut it down—all day, every day.

What’s your one must-have wardrobe item?

Flowy, gabardine trousers. I think it’s because I’m a collector of classic movies, so I really love well-made trousers with a long-sleeve shirt.

Last trend you passed on?

The bohemian look. I decided that I just wouldn’t be on trend that season. Part of fashion is knowing what’s
not for you.