What You Need To Know About The New Fabletics Store

Kate Hudson’s brand joins The Fashion Mall’s athleisure lineup

Fabletics, the activewear line cofounded by Kate Hudson, is the fourth athleisure brand to open at The Fashion Mall in recent years. The question we must now ask is not how many yoga pants–slinging shops can one mall hold, but rather, what sets Fabletics apart from the rest? In this case, it’s not the look or the organization—earth-tone colors, cubby wall displays, and in-store classes and DJ’d events are all rather familiar. What piques our interest is the digitally savvy dressing rooms. Each item you take in is first scanned by an employee with a hand-held device. The customer’s name and each item taken into the room are then displayed on a wall tablet outside of the door as well as on a larger screen inside the room. While the customer is trying on clothes, the employee ask for feedback—too small, too large, will come back to purchase—which is sent directly to Kate Hudson. (Joking, it goes to Big Brother.)  (Joking again, it just goes to Fabletics headquarters.)
It’s like the Apple Store and Lululemon had a baby—with more reasonable prices on yoga wear. The tech-first brick-and-mortar store also offers mobile points of sale, the option to buy online and pick up in store, and a virtual shopping cart allowing shoppers to complete their retail therapy online following a store visit.
The inventory is as expected: geometric-patterned capris, stretchy headbands, and brightly colored yoga mats, but starting at prices in the $16 to $55 range for the clothing. And there are ways to make the prices even lower. That brings us to the membership. It’s not required, but by signing up with a credit card, shoppers can join a VIP club to receive additional discounts and loyalty points. Members are invited to preview a new collection and either shop by the 5th of every month or opt to skip it, lest they’re charged $49.95 store credit. Time will tell whether the Keystone at the Crossing crowd will remain loyal to their old favorites—Lululemon, Lucy, Athleta—but if there’s one thing we know, it’s that Kate Hudson will be watching.
The Fashion Mall, 317-664-7292, fabletics.com