How To Shop The Adidas Warehouse Sale

You could stand in that eternally long line at TJ Maxx in Castleton this weekend, or you could shake up your bargain-shopping routine and head for the Adidas Warehouse Sale at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. If you’re up for digging through cardboard boxes full of merchandise, you can score some great deals on athleisure wear (and not just basics in solid colors) through Sunday.
Three semis were unloaded Thursday, when the sale began, and there was more to hit the floor. The merch is sorted neatly into sizes and styles—each box, on a table, is clearly labeled with what’s inside, for men, women, or kids. Tees are $8, tops and bottoms $15, jackets $30, shoes $40 (including a lot of soccer cleats).
A few tips:
1. Credit card only.
2. On Thursday, parking was a breeze, right in front of the Agriculture and Horticulture building. If it’s packed, park farther away and use the free shuttle.
3. There are no dressing rooms. Wear thin layers and slip on items at the box. Wear socks for trying on shoes.
4. Prices usually drop on Sunday, although the selection will be thinned out. We’ve found great stuff on the last day, though.
5. The sale didn’t receive many women’s shoes in sizes 10 and up or men’s in sizes 13 and up. If you wear a smaller size, we can vouch for the basic red sneaker, which is plentiful.
6. You might find sports bras and tennis dresses in the boxes of tops.
7. Soccer fans, this is your game to lose. The boxes are full of futbol-themed gear, and the accessories table is almost entirely soccer. We spotted a Bayern Munich tee for men on the first day.
8. There are a lot of multiples in each box, but keep digging: There are also a lot of one-offs, like a few official Roland Garros shirts that tennis fans would love.
9. If you’re a fan of the New Orleans Pelicans NBA team, you’re in luck.
10. For women, there’s a series of pink or black tees with an American location under the Adidas logo, like Hard Rock Cafe gear. Las Vegas, New Orleans, Twin Cities, Los Angeles—and even one for Napa.

Fernandez began writing for Indianapolis Monthly in 1995 while studying journalism at Indiana University. One of her freelance assignments required her to join a women's full-tackle football team for a season. She joined the staff in 2005 to edit IM's ancillary publications, including Indianapolis Monthly Home. In 2011, she became a senior editor responsible for the Circle City section as well as coverage of shopping, homes, and design-related topics. Now the director of editorial operations, she lives in Garfield Park.