My Look: Cathy Miller's Crazy Leggings

A fitness instructor works some wild prints.

As owner of Carmel’s newly opened SpinCycle studio, Cathy Miller puts her clients through tough indoor cycling workouts—and supplies trendy togs to wear while building up a sweat.

NATALIE BEST: Where did you find these wild Onzie leggings?
CATHY MILLER: A student of mine was wearing them, and I bought a pair online; now I carry them in my boutique inside SpinCycle.

NB: What about outside the gym?
CM: The leggings are so fashion-forward that they can easily be worn for a night out.

NB: Even in the fall?
CM: Pair them with a cozy hooded sweatshirt from Peace Love World and cowboy boots.

NB: Do you have a signature look?
CM: I’m in leggings, tanks, and cowboy boots almost every day. I guess you could say the boots are my signature. A girl has got to put her own personal-style stamp on her look—even if it means being in workout clothes every day.

NB: Who else has cute workout clothes (beyond the mall)?
CM: The Yoga Studio in Carmel and Broad Ripple has great lines: Hard Tail, So Low, and Alternative Apparel.

NB: What advice do you give cycling class first-timers?
CM: That the hardest part is walking through the door. The great thing is, everyone works at their level. It’s so individual—that is the beauty.


Photo by Tony Valainis

This article appeared in the October 2013 issue.