Unspoken Rules of NIFS

How to fit in at the downtown fitness institution.
Originally a training center for the Pan Am Games, the National Institute for Fitness and Sport (NIFS) is vast.

When you want a treadmill with a TV screen, you’ll find one.

Lunges around the 200m track? Fine.

Holding hands with someone? Side-eye.

Take advantage of the free consultations with a trainer and the check-ins that follow. Even if it might commit you to doing push-ups with big chains wrapped around
your torso.

Diehards run a stairwell to the top of the building.

Nobody cares what you’re wearing or lifting. Everyone wants you to move your burpees out of the sprint lanes.

Ladies, the third shower stall from the left has the best soap.

There’s little you can do to prevent tear-shed during Rachel’s Extreme Core class. Her abs are likely a Department of Defense project.

If you gank your shoulder on the rope-climber, or over-sledgehammer a tire, see a physical therapist at the monthly clinics.