A Tiki Bar In Ladywood Estates

Ladywoods Estates tiki bar
Ric Mills and Matt McElfresh

❶ Painted in 1945, this mural once adorned the men’s bar inside Indy’s erstwhile Claypool Hotel.

❷ The live-edge bar top lends warmth to the room, offsetting concrete floors.

❸ An elephant sculpture bought at the Palm Springs shop of midcentury-
modern–inspired artist, Shag.

❹ The spill mat hails from Trader Vic’s in Oakland, California.

❺ Vintage Hawaiian shirts and fedoras are standard dress for “tikiphiles.”

❻ A Tiki Diablo mug, which came from The Inferno Room in Fountain Square.   

❼ The couple collects carved wooden Polynesian tikis, the first man created by the gods, according to Māori mythology.

❽ A vintage rain lamp enclosed in a bamboo birdcage holds a faux feathered friend.

❾ The base of the bar is covered in bamboo fencing.    

❿ The pair takes a swizzle stick as a memento from each tiki bar they visit.