At Home: Ben & Janneane Blevins’s Loft

The trendiest couple in SoBro trades couches for Moroccan staples at their urban apartment.
Printtext owners Benjamin and Janneane Blevins retreat upstairs from their magazine shop to this bohemian loft where everything from the industrial shelving to the chic throw beds
is effortlessly cool, just like the young media junkies.

Fashion stylist and interior designer Stephen Garstang helped the couple find this original Indian tea table. “Our dog, Huckleberry, loves it because he gets a seat at dinner,” Janneane says with a laugh.

The Blevinses display 1,200 publications in the main living area. “Some people go out to the movies when they’re dating, but we would go out and buy magazines,” Janneane says. Their favorites include Purple Fashion and picture-based publication Toilet Paper.

Dress Form
A nod to their involvement with the launch of Pattern, the Blevinses showcase this vintage Saks display mannequin they found at a garage sale in Butler-Tarkington.

Garstang designed these to double as storage space and seating.

Benjamin’s mom gave the couple this throwback typewriter.

Record Player
The couple doesn’t have to go far to find their favorite vinyl—Luna Music is right below the loft. “We can usually hear the in-store shows, so we always know when it’s time to go down,” Janneane says.

Throw Beds
From online retailer Hedgehouse.

Garstang bought these colorful textiles in Morocco.

“There’s a good amount of people who’ve discovered the shop just because they’ve seen Huckleberry in the window,” Janneane says.

“We used to have couches at our old apartment, but we always ended up sitting on the floor,” Benjamin says. “So we got rid of most of our tables and chairs.”