At Home: Wil Marquez’s Living Room

A young architect shows off 3-D printing in his vibrant retro digs.
Wil Marquez has a consulting company, W/Purpose, that tackles urban-design issues (and creates beautiful things, like Tomlinson Tap’s bar) by trading Indy’s cinderblock cityscape for fetching, affordable housing developments and bright, artful bus stops. Marquez practices the inventive style he preaches at his cool pad in Devington.

Marquez found this Roy Lichtenstein vinyl graphic at a gift shop in Argentina.

Wall Print
He collaborated with UNLV professor Shai Yeshayahu and Southern Illinois University student Ronny Metzger to create the 3-D blocks for this textural graphic of his company’s logo. Marquez and Yeshayahu will be teaching the printing technique at Marquez’s new co-working space, Design Bank, on the northeast side.

“I’m not afraid to give IKEA a little love,” he says.

3-D Printer
From SeeMeCNC in Goshen. Marquez bought it for around $1,200.

Marquez fashioned it from a reclaimed beam of red pine.

He found these at the World Baseball Classic in New York. The fun little characters dance and talk.

Marquez loves midcentury-modern furniture, like this Eames-style seat from The Crazy Daisy Antique Mall in Louisville.

Ball State architecture professor Ana de Brea crocheted the colorful textile.

He recently adopted Boe, a 13-year-old Lab mix.

Purchased at the annual design show 20th Century Cincinnati.