At Home With Nicole Pence

Go Bold or Go Home


ith the help of interior designer Michele Boggs, CBS 4’s morning anchor Nicole Pence and her husband Jason Becker transformed this traditional office space into a simple yet functional area. They pulled up the carpet, added built-in bookshelves, and pushed the floating desk up against the wall to create this fun office that would brighten anyone’s workday.

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COLOR | When Nicole brought home the Blue Grotto paint sample from Sherwin-Williams, her husband wasn’t quite on board. “The sample was a little overwhelming,” Jason admits.

ART | Jason and Nicole love traveling, and the world map hanging above the couch reminds them to never stop exploring.

BOOKS | Perhaps the only place you’ll find Bill Clinton sitting next to Mitch Daniels is in Jason’s collection of political and business biographies.

PICTURES | For Jason and Nicole, nothing is more important than family, and all of the frames around the room are filled with family trips and events.

HARDWARE | To soften the intensity of the blue, they added bronze and gold highlights.

TABLE | After adding a set of twins to their family, Nicole and Jason baby-proofed the room with soft edges, like this plush coffee table.

COUCH | The music playing overhead and comfy furniture filling the space lets this hard-working office moonlight as a laid-back lounge in the evening.


Home 2016 CoverThis article appeared in Indianapolis Monthly Home, a 2016 special publication.