Ikea Update: Furniture Has Arrived!

Okay, it’s just in the office.

While we close in on news of the grand opening, which hinges on the construction schedule, we checked up on the progress at the Ikea Fishers store:

  • The entire management team is in place, and their offices are furnished. People are working! Eventually, the back rooms will include a staff cafe where employees can buy $3 meals.
  • Hiring continues, in waves to support the build-out. Right now, the Ikea website lists jobs for security, food service, and facilities management.
  • More jobs will be filled later, in case your heart is set on becoming an “active seller” who re-props room settings when customers take accessories out of them. (That’s a rookie mistake. Shoppers are supposed to leave decor in place and find items they want elsewhere in the store, a location indicated on every item’s red tag.)
  • Don’t like sales jobs? How about babysitting in Småland or greeting customers?
  • Installation of the solar roof is underway.
  • Partition walls are in place, establishing the meandering path through the vast showroom. A big chunk of your future Saturdays has been mapped out.
  • The walls for the As-Is section are up.
  • Restaurant equipment has arrived—the best deal at Ikea might be the $1 breakfast.
  • Soon, staff will start assembling furniture for the room settings, with the help of an outside vendor who wields Allen wrenches for Ikea around the country.
  • The inventory will be the last thing to arrive—except for the rabid shoppers who will line up two days in advance of the opening.
  • If you’re a member of the free Ikea Family discount program, set a reminder to change your home store to the Fishers location. Do that here.